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Benzing M3 Touch-screen


The next generation pigeon clock, unbeatable precision to 1/1000th of a second. The Benzing M3 has a perfectly-designed user interface with an extra-large full colour touch-screen display, that makes menu navigation easy. Enclosed in a sleek and highly robust aluminium housing that feels great to handle. Manages up to 10,000 pigeons, unlimited races and mulitple fanciers.


 Benzing : M3 - Touch-screen ETS Clock  :  M3 Special Package Deals 2021


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Benzing M1  

The Benzing M1 combines complex timing technology with an easy-to-use interface thatís been serving the needs of pigeon fanciers worldwide for more than two decades. Rubberised keys, a large LED display and an easy-to navigate system all work to create an unrivalled user experience. Manages 1,000 pigeons, 80 races and 4 fanciers.


 Benzing : M1  :  M1 Special Package Deals 2021


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Benzing Express G2+  

The Benzing G2 is ideal for the smaller loft or newcomer to the sport. This modern state of the art, ergonomic design, simple to operate  pigeon timing system is suitable for all generations, and can manage 250 pigeons, 8 races, clocking 20 pigeons per second. Exceptional value for money. Users can upgrade their older G2 clock to a G2+ and add a new Smarthub 4.


 Benzing : G2 ETS Clock  :  G2+ Special Package Deals 2021


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Benzing Smarthub 4  -  Connects with M3, M1 and G2+ Clocks  

"Live" plus GPS and Continuous timing all combined. The data of the clocked pigeons can be seen immediately on the results website. Fanciers can follow the arrival times of their own pigeons and compare them with the arrivals of the other club members. Download the Benzing App. Clocks pigeons when the clock is not in the loft plus instant notification of arrivals to your phone, ipad or laptop.


 Benzing : 101961 , Lifetime Sim Card is Included - FREE


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