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Benzing M3 & G2 Universal Cable


The universal cable that allows the connection of the Benzing M3 or the Express G2 clock to the Benzing Clubsystem or any manufacturers universal club system or base station. The cable has the universal 4 pin round Din to 9 pin 'D' connectors fitted and the cable is approximately 1.5 metres in length. Use with Unikon, Tipes, Mega, Bricon, Tauris, or any universal club master.


 Benzing : M3 & G2 Universal


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Benzing Club System Universal Clock Cable  

An all in one universal cable for the Benzing ClubSystem. This cable can be used with any other manufacturers universal base station. The cable is fitted with a combination of suitable 9 pin and 15 pin 'D' connectors for the M3, M1 and G2 range of clocks. The cable is approximately 1.5 metres in length.


 Benzing : 114523


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Benzing Fanciers Cable  

Cable that connects the clock to the 1st antenna pad and has an LED and power socket enclosed within the connector.

 M3 & G2 Cable, 5 metres - Benzing : 115726


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 M1 Cable, 10 metres - Benzing : 198283


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Benzing Antenna Pad Extension Cable  

Antenna to antenna USC extension cable. Suitable for all Benzing antenna pads.

 5 metres - Benzing : 914822


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 10 metres - Benzing : 914923


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