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The Benzing M3 Clock & Smarthub is the Worlds Most Advanced Electronic Racing Pigeon Timing System.
An opportunity to win this fantastic top of the range Benzing M3 electronic timing system for your loft. Bonus Ball Raffle, chose a number between 1 to 59 cost 25 each. The Bonus Ball number drawn from the main Saturday UK National Lottery game after all the balls are sold will be the winner. Entries open to UK residents only.

M3 Clock + Smarthub + 2 off 4 Field 22" Pads + 100 ETS Rings + M3 Case + M3 Wall-holder + Universal Cable.
This super package is everything you will need, it has a 2nd clock built in to time pigeons when clock is not in the loft and sends notifications to your phone of arrivals.
The Bonus Ball Raffle is organised by Jim Savage agent for Benzing in the UK. Go to next page to see specification and how to enter. Enter & Specification

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