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Benzing products are stocked here in Scotland and all customer orders are despatched within 1 or 2 working days from the date of ordering, however from time to time we may experience some delays with delivery due to a demand on the products, especially just before racing. Please contact us if you are experiencing a delay with your order.
Benzing is owned by Austrian company Gantner Pigeon Systems GmbH who have developed a working partnership with Jim & Joan Savage owners of the UK based business Abbeyton Group Limited to develop, supply and introduce Benzing pigeon timing products to the UK fancy.
Jim Savage - Benzing UK - Mobile 07799 640 711

Jim can help fanciers with questions or information they may require about the Benzing products through the "LIVE" chat messaging service, anytime that he is online.
Fanciers with a Smarthub installed at their lofts can view their pigeons, races, training, pedigrees, and much more at the "My Pigeons" portal online. Register here.

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